Bridger-Chouteau Building

Description: Photos, illustrations, and information on the Bridger-Chouteau building at Pennsylvania and Westport Roads, built in the (probably the early) 1850s and possibly the oldest extant building in Westport or Kansas City. Chronology of its ownership by Jim Bridger, Cyprien Chouteau, Albert Boone, et al, and known as Kelly's Westport Inn or Kelly's Bar by the late 20th century.
Location: Vertical File: Buildings--Bridger-Chouteau
Item Type: Vertical File


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Is the Jim Bridger-Chouteu


Is the Jim Bridger-Chouteu building (a candidate for KC's oldest with the Westport Inn next door) going to be destroyed?I was at Johnny Kaw's(it's current occupant)and I no longer see the historic plaque that was previously there.

I have not heard of any plans


I have not heard of any plans to destroy the building. Here is a link to the Pitch's list of Kansas City's most endangered buildings published in December 2017 -

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