About the West: Kansas Abolitionists Fight Confederates in Missouri

Description: Photos, illustrations, map, and biographical article about Jared Barnes (1834-1916), "an avowed Free-Stater" moving from his native New York to Kansas Territory in 1857 and serving as a Union officer in the border warfare and Civil War. Description of other soldiers on both sides of the conflict such as Colonel W. D. McCain, Captain Golden Silvers (43 years old in 1864 and later a Kansas senator), Major General Samuel Curtis, and General Joseph Shelby, et al.
Creator: D. Reid Ross
Date: Summer//2001
Volume: 40
Location: Periodical
Collection: Journal of the West
Illustrations: No
Number: 3
Pages: 58-67
Item Type: Magazine Article
Note: This issue as a whole features the climate and weather of the West, with multiple articles, photos, illustrations, and maps of major weather events (floods, tornadoes, snow and ice storms, etc.) and weather affecting major historical events with the Kansas City area on the eastern boundary.


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