Blue Valley Industrial District

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Description: Aerial view looking north shows the Blue River, also known as the Big Blue, cutting through the center of the image, with 12th Street crossing over. In the left foreground, a portion of The Ruberoid Co. (manufacturers of asphalt and asbestos building materials) is visible. Just north of that is the parking lot of Black Sivalls & Bryson Inc. (makers of steel products). North of the bridge, in the current location of Interstate 435, is the Centropolis Crusher, a facility for rock crushing. Just out of sight on the south of 12th and east of Blue River is the Olympic Stadium Midget Auto Racetrack.
Date: 1962-11-20
Location: CD92; P35, Box 4, #45A
Collection: Robert Askren Photograph Collection (P35)See Finding Aid:,37889
Barcode: 10018379A
Item Type: Negative

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