Electric Park (2nd)

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Description: Postcard view of Electric Park (2nd)
Location: SC58
Collection: Mrs. Sam Ray Postcard Collection (SC58)See finding aid: http://localhistory.kclibrary.org/u?/Local,36981
Historical Article: The old Electric Park post card of 1908 pictures one of the popular rides at the park. Shown are the chutes which were at the end of a roller coaster ride.Electric Park was opened May 19, 1907, to a crowd of 53,000, by its owners, J.J., Mike and Ferdinand Heim, who also owned the Heim Brewery. But no beer was sold at the park, because of a city ordinance.In the background is the great horseshoe-shaped arcade with its many entrances to various concessions. In the center were beautifully landscaped flower beds, grassy lawns and benches.The circular structure at lake's edge near the center of the picture was the setting for the night spectacle, Living Statuary, at the fountain, probably the most widely known and remembered feature of the park.Here, beautiful, shapely young women on a pedestal emerged every hour of the evening (after 9), as if by magic from the fountain, and held the crowd spellbound with their graceful poses, flooded with changing lights.The big park, which extended from 46th and the Paseo to Woodland, was built at the close of an era of kerosene and gas lights. Little wonder Kansas Citians were so impressed with the blaze of light from the park's 100,000 light bulbs outlining buildings, towers, and high rail rides. One writer called it The Great White City of Brush Creek.A street car sign near the entrance read: Street cars every minute. The fare was five cents.Kansas City TimesJuly 30, 1982
Barcode: 20000559
Item Type: Postcard


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