Fort Osage, Factor's House

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Description: Postcard of the Factor's House at Fort Osage
Subject: Forts; Fort Osage
Location: SC58
Collection: Mrs. Sam Ray Postcard Collection (SC58)See finding aid:,36981
Historical Article: The factor's house, part of the restoration of Fort Osage, is pictured on a postcard issued by the Sibley D.A.A.Fort Osage, the outpost, 1808-1825, was the first white settlement in this part of the continent. It was the first settlement established in the new lands of the Louisiana purchase and three hundred miles from the nearest white habitation. After the fort was built as many as 5,000 Indians camped around the stockade trading or selling buffalo, beaver, raccoon, wolf, fox, badger, and muskrat furs and buying blankets, guns and other needs.In 1940 the original 24-by-24 foot foundation of the factor's house was discovered on the high Missouri bluff by highway workmen removing a large walnut stump. The Native Sons of Kansas City immediately went to work on plans for a restoration. For almost eight years George Fuller Green and James Anderson devoted almost all of their time to the project.The 113 acres purchased became the site of the factors house, block houses, the factory (Indian Trading house) and officer's quarters.Major George Sibley, the first factor at the fort, wrote in his diary: Frequently we are honored with an Indian Chief or war captain to dine or sup with us. Our fare is an enjoyable feast to those who derive a large portion of their subsistence from wild fruits, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, acorns, grapes, plums, paw-paws, persimmons and nutritious roots.On Saturday and Sunday the fort, now part of the Jackson County Park and Recreation system, will celebrate with its frontier-winter open house. Old time freighters with old-time goods will be on hand. Fort Osage is 16 miles east of Independence, on 24 Highway. Admission is free.Kansas City TimesDecember 5, 1986
Barcode: 20000668
Item Type: Postcard


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