History of Trans World Airlines (TWA)

Description: Photos and description of "the history of TWA [Trans World Airlines], beginning in 1929 when Transcontinental Air Transport (TAT) decided to make their international headquarters at Municipal Airport in Kansas City, Missouri." Includes the roles played by Charles Lindbergh, Howard Hughes, Carl Icahn, et al. and the relocation of TWA headquarters from Kansas City to Saint Louis in 1982. Chronology of the airline's history, including its original name of Transcontinental and Western Air, formed in 1930 through mergers of other airlines with Harris Hanshue as the first president and Jack Frye as its second president, changing its name in 1950 to Trans World Airlines (still with the initials TWA).
Date: 1999
Location: MVSC Q 629.1309 B344C
Collection: A Century of Kansas City Aviation History: The Dreamers and the Doers
Illustrations: Yes
Pages: 34-39
Item Type: Book


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