Jackson County And Order #11

Description: Article concerning Order No. 11 issued by General Thomas Ewing during the Civil War and calling for the evacuation of citizens from the counties of Jackson, Cass, Bates, and parts of Vernon County. Article includes quotes from Mrs. Frances (Fristoe) Twyman made in 1920 concerning the event. Also includes parts of interview with Ewing that appeared in the Kansas City Daily Times in 1879 as well as comments by the author disputing information given by Ewing in the interview.
Creator: Joanne Eakin
Date: June 2004
Volume: 7
Location: Periodicals
Collection: The Blue & Grey Chronicle
Illustrations: Yes
Number: 5
Pages: 1-5
Item Type: Magazine Article
Note: Pages after this article include information on Jackson County after the war including a letter by Abner E. Adair to Benjamin Beaty.


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