A Map of the Indian Territory, Northern Texas, and New Mexico, Showing the Great Western Prairies

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Description: Photo reprint of a map showing westward routes, locations of Indian tribes in the middle west and western United States in 1844, and some particular notations which probably refer to details of Josiah Gregg's narrative.
Creator: Josiah Gregg
Date: 1844
Location: CD17 Tiff; CD23 JPEGs; SC117, Series 3-12: U.S. & States #2
Collection: Commerce of the Prairies, New York: Henry G. Langley, 1844
Barcode: 30000049
Item Type: Map
Note: Map appeared opposite the first page of the first chapter of Commerce of the Prairies. Another version of this map may be found under the call number SC117, Series 3-12: U.S. & States #3 (ContentDM: 800).


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