Mass Commercial Amusements in Kansas City before World War I

Description: Comprehensive article exploring the urban cultural aspect of popular entertainment in Kansas City, rather than the more commonly studied aspect of high culture entertainment. Description and photos of all sorts of general and specific types of mass commercial amusements such as Electric Park and other amusement parks, the Swope Park Zoo, the park and boulevard system, playgrounds, movie theaters, live acting theaters including vaudeville, ethnic group influences in popular entertainment, the Gillis and Grand Opera Houses, steamboats, dance halls, saloons, and social centers, among others.
Creator: Alan Havig
Date: April//1981
Volume: 75
Location: Periodical
Collection: Missouri Historical Review
Illustrations: No
Number: 3
Pages: 316-345
Item Type: Magazine Article
Note: Page 317: "Kansas City historians reflect the general study of American urban history in their neglect of mass or popular culture. . .When historians have studied urban cultural life they tend to write on high culture institutions such as art museums and symphony orchestras rather than movie theaters and amusement parks."


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