Missouri River, Boat Landing

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Description: Postcard of Missouri River, Boat Landing
Location: SC58
Collection: Mrs. Sam Ray Postcard Collection (SC58)See finding aid: http://localhistory.kclibrary.org/u?/Local,36981
Historical Article: Boats on the river at the foot of Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri is the title of this photographic postcard printed in sepia and mailed from Kansas City in 1909.A cool day is indicated by the number of men in dark suits and derby hats -- no doubt a pleasant day for river travel. The outlines of the new bridge into Clay County are dimly seen in the background. Railroad tracks in the right foreground tell us that steamboats are no longer the only way for freight and passengers to travel in and out of Kansas City. The wharfmaster's report as early as 1857 showed that more than 700 boats landed at the port of Kansas City in one year. This was before the advent of railroads. In the early days the Missouri River was the best means of transportation between St. Louis and Kansas City. Freight rates were high and the boats made money. Then came the railroads.The Kansas City Transportation & Steamship Co., with a capital of $200,000, attempted a revival of river trade and a state charter was granted the company April 29, 1907. The board of directors: Lawrence M. Jones, president; William Volker, treasurer; J.C. Lester, secretary; O.V. Dodge; A.G. Ellet; C.E. Faeth; A.H. Munger; J.F. Richards; Leon Smith; J.J. Swofford; J.P. Townley; J.H. Wiles; Jerome Twichell.The photograph used on the postcard is believed to have been made in 1907 or 1908 at the time of this revival.Kansas City TimesSeptember 7, 1984
Barcode: 20000615
Item Type: Postcard


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