Old Westport

Description: Descriptions of the two of Westport's oldest buildings, the Chouteau-Bridger Building, now Stanford & Son's, and the "Ewing-Boone Building" or Boone's Trading Post, now Kelly's, both built in the mid-1800s, with descriptions of their histories and need for architectural preservation.
Date: //1977
Location: 977.8411 G61o
Pages: [22-26]
Item Type: Book
Note: Page [27]: "We now know that the Ewing brothers of Logansport, Indiana were the builders [of the Ewing-Boone building, or Kelly's] and that the bricks for the job were bought in the Town of Kansas in August, 1850. The job was in all probability finished in 1851. The Ewing brothers, George W. and William G., were Indian traders of somewhat unsavory reputation. ..The Ewings stayed on in their new store until Albert G. Boone bought it in January, 1854. The Indian trade died that year and so did William Griffith Ewing, on July 11."


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