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Description: Early map of Missouri and Illinois, apparently from a French atlas. Much of what is now eastern Kansas is also included, along with small sections of Kentucky and Tennessee. An early organization of Missouri counties is in evidence, including Lillard County. Some early trails/exploration routes are indicated, as well as locations of mineral resources. Some Indian villages are indicated in the Kansas portion, with estimated populations. The etablissment de Chouteau on the Osage River is featured.
Date: 1825
Location: SC117, Series 4-9: Missouri #3 (workroom drawer)
Barcode: 30000029
Item Type: Map
Note: Lillard County, Missouri was organized in 1820. Its name was changed to Lafayette in 1825. See Early History of Greater Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas, by Charles P. Deatherage, 1927. Dessinee sur pierre et [unreadable] par H. Ode. Aout 1825. [unreadable] par Ph. Vandermachen. La lettre par [Fr?] Charles. No. 49 in upper right hand corner.


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