A Plan of the City of New York from an Actual Survey

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Description: Facsimile of an original 1728 map of the City of New York, showing streets, government offices, markets, churches, docks, and shipyards. Attached descriptive label on the bottom left has title, "The 'Bradford Map' 1728." Handwritten on the back in pencil, "Gift of R. N. Taintor."
Date: 1728 (ca. 1850)
Location: CD21 Tiff; CD23 JPEGs; SC117, Series 4-12: U.S. & States #15 (drawer)
Collection: Possibly D. T. Valentine's Manual of New York.
Barcode: 30000161
Item Type: Map
Note: Published by Dunreath Publishing Company. At the upper left is a number 4 and also on the note of explanation at the bottom attached to the facsimile. It is not certain to what these numbers refer. Possibly a set of facsimiles reproduced by Dunreath that formerly appeared in what is commonly called D. T. Valentine's Manual of New York published mainly in the 1850s.Map was originally cataloged as MVSC Q 917.47 D95 Vol. 4.


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