Roger Fowler, Barnstormer

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Description: Postcard of early aviator, Roger Fowler and his dog Bill.
Date: n.d.
Location: SC58
Collection: Mrs. Sam Ray Postcard Collection (SC58)See finding aid:,36981
Historical Article: Long before Snoopy, a dog named Bill was co-pilot on an old pusher-type biplane of the pre-World War I vintage. In this photograph on an old postcard in the collection of Mrs. Sam Ray, the pilot is identified as Roger Fowler. Sitting on the leading edge of the photograph at top left. A chain, visible over Fowler's left shoulder, drove one of the two propellers. The long control lever at the front was used to warp the wings when he wanted to turn. Although the postcard does not indicate where the picture was taken, it is likely Fowler stopped in Kansas City on one of his barnstorming tours. He and others ranged far and wide, giving exhibitions for money, part of which came from the sale of postcards such as this. Fowler also was among the early pilots attracted by the $50,000 prized money posted by William Randolph Hearst for the first flier to cross the North American continent. Kansas City Times, December 4, 1968.
Barcode: 20000041
Item Type: Postcard


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