Ten Thousand Public Enemies

Description: Photos and descriptions of crime in early 20th century Kansas City, highlighting some of its more sensational outlaws such as Frank Nash and Johnny Lazia, et al. Many details of infamous criminals operating in and around Kansas City and hunted by the early Federal Bureau of Investigations (especially at the time of the Kansas City Massacre), such as Pinky Blitz, Charles Clinton, Verne Miller, Pretty Boy Floyd, Adam Richetti, Juanita Baird, Rose Baird, Jimmy Keating, Thomas Holden, Herb Farmer, Fred Barker, Ma Barker, John Lazia, Earl Christman, Baby Face Nelson, Alvin Karpis, and Charles Gargotta, et al.
Date: 1935
Location: Vertical File: Union Station Massacre
Pages: 18-21, 84, 120-121, 126-128, 208, 212-215, 242-282
Item Type: Book
Note: Courtney Ryley Cooper, the book's author, was a former police reporter for the Kansas City Star and later author of books and national magazine articles, etc.


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