Union Station Massacre Scene

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Description: View of the front of Union Station in Kansas City where the Union Station Massacre has just happened. Identification on back reads: At right is the automobile of Raymond J. Caffrey, federal officer who conducted Frank Nash to Union Station, at Kansas City, Mo., where he and three other officers as well as Nash, the convict, were slain when gangsters attempted to wrest the prisoner from the officers. Between the cars may be seen two of the officers who were slain in the shooting and behind the wheel of Caffrey's car the head of the slain Nash. Sent bureaus, Hearst papers and fast mail. (Inter) Further identification reads 5-3-94, information from family of the Brocks (Mrs. Dorothy A. Chamblin) men between cars, West side - Ben Brock, east side - Tom Brock, man on ground Bill Grooms.
Date: 1933
Collection: P2, Box 4, Folder 13, Number 16
Barcode: 10013016
Item Type: Photograph, b/w
Note: Photograph is credited as from International Chicago, 6/17/33. Folder contains several more photographs of people and court scenes pertaining to the murders.


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