''We All Had a Cause'': Kansas City's Bomber Plant, 1941-1945

Description: The B-25 bomber was crucial to the war effort during World War II and many of these bombers were made in North American Aviation's Kansas City, Kansas facility. "This article describes the origin and development of that defense plant, as well as the principal achievements of its employees, who made vital contributions to the war effort." The plant was located on a 75 acre site adjoining Fairfax Airport in the Fairfax Industrial District and the ground breaking ceremony for the plant was held on March 8, 1941. A ceremony on December 23, 1941, marked the completion of the first bomber to come out of the plant with the first test flight on January 3, 1942. There were 1,358 workers at the plant early in 1942. According to the article, by autumn of 1942, women held 27 percent of the jobs. Article also discusses the role of African Americans at the plant. When production of the airplane ended in August of 1945, 6,608 B-25s had been built in the Kansas City plant. General Motors eventially purchased the property and used it for car production.
Date: Winter 2005-2006
Volume: 28
Location: Periodical
Collection: Kansas History
Illustrations: Yes
Number: 4
Pages: 244-261
Item Type: Magazine Article


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