When Priests of Pallas Made the City Festive

Description: Article providing detailed early history of the Priests of Pallas parades and festivities, describing the influence for its creation from Saint Louis and New Orleans pageantry and tracing the first unnamed parades from 1884 to the last Priests of Pallas parade in 1924.
Date: October/17/1963
Location: Microfilm
Collection: The Kansas City Star
Illustrations: No
Pages: 14D: 3
Note: Priests of Pallas parades: (1) first on October 13, 1887; (2) continuous from 1887 to 1911 with the exception of 1901; (3) revived in 1922-1924, the last being in 1924; (4) unofficial parades before Priests of Pallas starting in 1884.


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