William Becknell

Description: File contains information about William Becknell, one of, if not the first Santa Fe Trail travelers of organized trade expeditions from Missouri to Santa Fe in Mexico starting in 1821.
Location: Vertical File: Becknell, William
Item Type: Vertical File
Note: Page 2 of the pamphlet in the file, "Take a Santa Fe Trail Trip": "In 1821 the Spanish Flag was hauled down and the same year saw the beginning of the trade on the Old Santa Fe Trail. Also in 1821, Captain W. W. Becknell left Franklin, Missouri on September 1, with a small cargo loaded on pack mules. He traveled overland. ..to. ..New Mexico and to Santa Fe by the way of Las Vegas and Pecos. The next year he and others brought wagons over this route proving it could be done and blazing the way for the thousands who would follow."


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