Inventory of Special Collections (SC) Numbers

This page provides an Inventory of Special Collections (SC) held in the Missouri Valley Room sorted by number. See the Inventory of Photograph Special Collections (P) Numbers for a list of photograph collections.

SC1 Kansas City Jazz Collections

SC2 Kansas City Posse of the Westerners Records

SC3 Advertising Card Collection

SC4 Charles L. Johnson Papers

SC5 Stereopticon Cards Collection

SC6 Kansas City Public Library Collection

SC7 Missouri Valley Historical Society Records

SC8 Specialized Subject Pamphlets & Ephemeral Collections

SC9 Abstracts Collection

SC10 James Mitchell Ford Papers

SC11 Robert V. Harman Papers

SC12 Pioneer Park Committee Records

SC13 Postcard Collections

SC14 Phyllis E. Kite Manuscript

SC15 Civil War Collections

SC16 James Love Collection

SC17 Ruth Cady Austin Collection

SC18 Harry Harris Papers

SC19 Ruth Mary Weeks Notebooks

SC20 Guadalupe Center Collection

SC21 John Lange Hospital Minute Book

SC22 Local Court Record Book

SC23 Kansas City (Mo.) School District Records

SC24 Gilmer Realty Company/James Gilmer Correspondence

SC25 Kickapoo Reservation Survey Field Notes

SC26 Mary Handly Linton Papers and Slide Collection

SC27 Nikoles Aleshi Virtuana Language Collection

SC28 Rudolph Umland Collection

SC29 Olive L. Hoggins Papers (Centenary History of the Churches)

SC30 Scrapbook Collections

SC31 Diairies & Notebooks

SC32 George Kessler Collection

SC33 Bibles of Note

SC34 Liberty (Mo.) Tribune Papers

SC35 Autograph Collections

SC36 Robinson Family Papers

SC37 William C. Connett, Jr. Papers

SC38 John A. Bushnell Family Papers

SC39 South Central Business Association Records

SC40 Peery Family Papers

SC41 Robert T. Van Horn Compilation

SC42 Jim Bridger Collection

SC43 John Campbell Compilation

SC44 Priests of Pallas Collection

SC45 Woodcut Society Collection

SC46 Dr. J. W. Parker Account Books

SC47 Presidents and Past Presidents Club Scrapbook

SC48 J. C. Nichols Collection

SC49 Loula Grace Erdman Book Manuscript

SC50 James D. Allen Journals

SC51 Kansas City Centennial Association Scrapbook

SC52 Newspaper Clipping Collection: Mounted Clippings

SC53 Robert Earl Dawson Santa Fe Trail Collection

SC54 James F. Spalding Papers

SC55 Felice Lyne Papers

SC56 Westminster Congregational Church Records

SC57 Siegrist Engraving Company Etching Collection

SC58 Mrs. Sam Ray Postcard Collection

SC59 Local Sheet Music Collection

SC60 Claude L. Budworth Collection

SC61 Charles P. Deatherage Book Manuscripts

SC62 City of Independence Fire Department Records

SC63 Vertical Files Special Collection

SC64 Kansas City Convention Programs Collection

SC65 Helen Seibert Thomes Scrapbooks

SC66 Kansas City/Local Area Fine Arts Programs Collection

SC67 Annals of Platte County, Missouri

SC68 Gold Star Mothers Legion Scrapbook

SC69 Oral Histories

SC70 Youth Symphony of Kansas City Records

SC71 Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra Scrapbooks

SC72 Edward M. Hiner Band Music Collection

SC73 Magazine Articles (Photocopied) Cited in Local History Index

SC74 James W. Evans Daybook

SC75 Firemen's Pension Fund Account Books

SC76 Faxon School Census Book

SC77 McDonald's Woman's Christian Temperance Union Collection

SC78 Carl Busch Recognition Association Scrapbook

SC79 Seth Ward Account Books

SC80 Kansas Seminary School Register

SC81 Friends In Council Minute Books

SC82 ACT-UP/Kansas City Chapter Records

SC83 Relishing Our Roots Neighborhood Project Records

SC84 James A. Hazlett Papers

SC85 Charles S. Stevenson Papers

SC86 Greenwood Collections

SC87 Kansas City (Mo.) City Hall Building Files

SC88 Carl Betz Collection

SC89 Jason Rogers Papers

SC90 DAR, Kansas City Chapter, World War I Scrapbook

SC91 Special Collections Artifacts Collection

SC92 Dory DeAngelo Papers

SC93 Thomas J. Fitzpatrick Papers

SC94 Joe Louis Mattox Collection (in process)

SC95 John Barber White Papers

SC96 Local Zines, Mini-Art, and Mail Art Collection

SC97 Lewis and Clark Collection (in process)

SC98 Old Men's Association Records

SC99 Philip A. Gambone Papers

SC100 Kansas City Guards Record Book

SC101 Kansas City Bar Association Records

SC102 Bridge Quantity Record Books

SC103 Republican National Convention (1976) Collection

SC104 Michael Paller's Jean Harlow and Wallace Beery Film Collection

SC106 Wesley Williams Journal

SC107 Evan Connell Papers

SC108 Virginia Harris Thornton Collection of Western Americana

SC109 Sid J. Hare Papers

SC110 Stephen H. Brown Literary Manuscript

SC112 Ashland Theatre/William L. Shelton Ledger Book

SC113 Forrest L. Hart Papers

SC114 Monroe F. Cockrell Papers

SC115 The Kents Comic Book Collection

SC117 Map Collection

SC118 Local Restaurant Recipe Collection

SC119 Drovers Telegram Ledger

SC120 Clifton B. Sloan Papers

SC121 18th Century Deeds

SC122 Kansas City Police Historical Society Collection

SC123 D. M. Nigro Collection

SC125 David H. Perkins Papers

SC126 Gallup Maps Collection

SC127 Gladstone School Collection

SC129 Marie Buford Collection

SC130 Woman's Relief Corps Ledger Book

SC131 Mormon Scrapbook

SC132 Plaza Dinner Playhouse

SC133 William Weber Collection

SC134 Westport High School Class Photographs

SC135 Longan Study Club Collection

SC136 Kansas City Council on Education

SC137 John Loughborough Papers

SC138 Leo A. Moore Papers

SC139 Slave Sale Papers

SC140 Martha Alday Papers

SC141 Home Remedies Manuscript Collection

SC142 Barnes and Smith Papers

SC143 Kansas City Theatre Company Collection

SC144 Percy Shelley Collection

SC145 Stigers Island Collection

SC146 Land Deeds Collection

SC147 Hannibal Correspondence Collection

SC148 Burrier Correspondence Collection

SC149 Indian Territory Documents

SC150 W. H. Holmes Papers

SC151 C. Clements Papers

SC152 Bernd Foerster Papers

SC153 William Allen Papers

SC154 Dwight Building Collection

SC155 McLaughlin Collection

SC156 Jack London Papers

SC157 Jenkins Music Company Collection

SC158 Henschel Collection

SC159 Kansas City Prints and Images Collection

SC160 Kansas City Athenaeum Collection

SC161 James Gang Resolution

SC163 Kansas City Public Works Collection

SC164 KCPL Reference Hard to Find Collection

SC165 Mary Lou Eisert Collection

SC166 Municipal Auditorium Collection

SC167 Kansas City Stockyards

SC168 Teachers College of Kansas City Collection

SC169 North American Aviation Collection

SC170 Aero Club of Greater Kansas City Collection

SC171 Adverettes of Kansas City Collection

SC172 Kansas City Advertising Club Collection

SC173 Agnes Ward Amberg Club Collection

SC174 Allegro Music Club Collection

SC175 Alternate Tuesday Club Collection

SC176 Althea Club Collection

SC177 American Association of University Women Collection

SC178 American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers Collection

SC179 American Study Club Collection

SC180 American War Mothers Collection

SC181 Americana Study Club Collection

SC182 Anne Hathaway Club Collection

SC183 Annie Besant Study Club Collection

SC184 Apollo Club of Kansas City Collection

SC185 Archaeological Institute of America Collection

SC190 William W. Shelley Papers

SC191 Circuit Court Record

SC192 Round Robin Study Club Collection

SC193 Richards and Conover Hardware Company Collection

SC195 S. Stephen Lispi Collection

SC197 Frank Schubert Buffalo Soldiers Collection

SC198 Florence Beal Bolte Willows Maternity Home Collection

SC199 '81 Club Collection

SC200 Speas Company Collection

SC201 First National Bank Collection

SC202 First National Bank and Safe Deposit Company Collection

SC203 Forest Cover of Missouri County Maps Collection

SC204 USGS Historical Topographic Map Collection

SC205 Organized Crime Files

SC208 S. J. Ray Collection

SC209 Emancipation Proclamation

SC210 Hereford House Menu

SC211 Merchants' Association Photograph

SC212 The William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art and Mary Atkins Museum of Fine Arts Gallery Events Pamphlets Collection

SC213 Frederic James Drawing

SC214 Bishop Lillis High School Class Poster

SC215 Kansas City Restaurant Menus

SC216 Ashland School District Records

SC217 Carnival Park Postcards

SC218 Penn Elementary School Closing Program Collection

SC219 Pickwick Hotel Card

SC220 Knife and Fork Club Program

SC221 George L. Lightfoot Drawings Collection

SC222 Mrs. Sam Ray Album