Selected Bibliography of Kansas City Architecture

Selected Bibliography of Kansas City Architecture in the Missouri Valley Room

Local Architecture

American Institute of Architects. Kansas City Chapter. American Institute of Architects Guide to Kansas City Architecture and Public Art. Kansas City, Mo.: Kansas City Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, Highwater Editions, 2000.
A photographic guide to Kansas City architecture, divided into geographical areas.
MVSC BROWSING 720.9778 A51k 2000

DeAngelo, Dory and Jane Flynn. Kansas City Style: a Social and Cultural History of Kansas City as Seen Through Its Lost Architecture. Kansas City, Mo.: Fifield Pub. Co., 1992.
Extensively illustrated with photographs, this book provides a wealth of information about Kansas City structures that are no longer standing. Includes biographical data for many of the architects.
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Dodd, Monroe. Kansas City: Then & Now (One, Two and Three) Kansas City: Kansas City Star Books, 2000, 2003, 2008.
Streetscapes and landscapes from an earlier time in Kansas City are featured with current views of the same area. These books offer a good glance at architecture of an earlier day compared with their modern counterparts.

Ehrlich, George. Kansas City, Missouri: an Architectural History, 1826-1976. Rev. and enl. ed. Kansas City, Mo.: Historic Kansas City Foundation, 1992.
This source depicts the architectural growth of Kansas City, arranged by decade, and includes numerous illustrations. The most complete work on the architecture of Kansas City.

Hancks, Larry K. Roots: the Historic and Architectural Heritage of Kansas City, Kansas. Kansas City, Kan.: City of Kansas City, Kan., 1976, E. R. Callendar.
Book published by the city of Kansas City, Kansas, reveals its rich architectural heritage.

Landmarks Commission of Kansas City. Historic Kansas City Architecture. Kansas City, Mo.: The Commission, 1975.
This title provides a selection of historic Kansas City buildings illustrating the city's varied architectural types.
MVSC 720.9778 H673

Landmarks Commission of Kansas City. Kansas City: a Place in Time. Kansas City: The Commission, 1977.
Divided into sections of the city, this book is designed to be a tour guide. Homes and buildings in Kansas City are featured with photographs and text.
MVSC 720.9778 L25K

Mitchell, Giles Carroll. There is No Limit: Architecture and Sculpture in Kansas City. Kansas City: Brown-White Co., 1934.
Includes information about Kansas City buildings and sculpture built between 1890 and 1935.
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General Books on Architecture that Include Kansas City

Capitman, Barbara Baer. Rediscovering Art Deco U.S.A. New York, N.Y.: Viking Studio Books, 1994.
Kansas City's art deco buildings are included in this history of art deco architecture in the United States.
MVSC Q 724.6 C24R

Tishler, William H., ed. Midwestern Landscape Architecture Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2000.
George Kessler, landscape architect and designer of Kansas City’s Parks and Boulevard System, is featured in Chapter 6 of this book.
MSC 712.0977 M629

Withey, Henry F. Biographical Dictionary of American Architects (Deceased). Los Angeles, New Age Publishing Co., 1956.
Many important Kansas City architects are included in this collection of biographical sketches.
MVSC 720.3 W82B

Individual Architects

Baer, Charles and Mary. Edward W. Tanner, Architect. 2000.
Edward Tanner, local architect and perhaps best known as architect for developer J. C. Nichols’ Country Club Plaza.
MVSC 720.92 T16ZZB

Hook, Mary Rockwell. This and That. Kansas City: Mary Rockwell Hook, 1970.
Autobiographical work by the architect who designed many houses in the Loose Park area.
MVSC 92 H7812

Sandy, Wilda. Stalking Louis Curtiss, Architect: a Portrait of the Man and His Work. Kansas City, Mo.: Ward Parkway Press, 1991.
Discusses the life and career of the person whom many consider to be Kansas City's most innovative architect.
MVSC 720.977 C98ZS