Selected Resources on Border Warfare & Civil War

Selected Resources Border Warfare & Civil War in the Missouri Valley Room

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Official reports, general orders, court martial proceedings, photographs, correspondence, pension claims and miscellaneous items related to Company A, 8th Cavalry Regiment, Missouri State Militia under the command of Capt. J. J. Akard. 
Diary of the 15th Iowa Infantry, 1862; journals of the Iowa Infantry Volunteers from 1862-64; and journal of the 34th Iowa Infantry Volunteers, 1863-1865.
Letters written during the Civil War by members of the Dixon family who were Union soldiers from Stark County, Illinois. The soldiers were part of the 47th Regiment, Company K of the Illinois Volunteers and the 112th Regiment, Company E of Illinois Volunteers. Letters were written from places in Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Iowa, and Georgia.
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, documents, family papers, court records, speeches, orders, legal papers and other miscellaneous items. 
A one-volume membership book for the Lamar/Barton County, Missouri, post of the Grand Army of the Republic. It contains 346 numbered entries. 
Includes addresses by Myers Family members from Bentonsport, Iowa. The letters were primarily written during the Civil War and come from Phillipi, Virginia, as well as other locations in Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, and Arkansas.
Volume contains a map of central and southern Missouri, a map of the Wilson's Creek battle site, and illustrations by F.O.C. Darley of the battle.
Among these papers are a series of letters written during the Civil War, some from Vicksburg, others written from the ship the U.S.S. Constitution off Newport, Rhode Island. Included is a slavery bill of sale and folder 23 includes mention of Jim Lane of Kansas. 
Handwritten partial diary belonging to the brother of Civil War General, George H. Thomas. 
Information relating to Richard Yeager (also known as Dick Yeager), a noted guerrilla who rode with Quantrill and who also was a wagon master between Westport and Santa Fe. The Oath of Allegiance to the U.S., permit the bearer to pass, voucher issued by the Confederate States, and a proclamation by Hayes and Quantrill all relate to the Civil War in this area.

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Military Records (on microfilm)

Command Orders, Missouri State Militia, Fifth Cavalry, 1862-1863. (44D, 1 reel)
Confederate States Army Casualties: lists and narrative reports, 1861-1865. (M836, 7 reels)
History of the Second Iowa Cavalry. (53A, 1 reel)
Index to Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who served in Organizations from the State of Missouri. (M380, 16 reels)
Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers who served in Organizations from the State of Missouri. (M390, 54 reels)
Records Relating to Confederate Naval and Marine Personnel. (M260, 7 reels)
Register of Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, and Citizens who died in Federal Prisons and Military Hospitals in the North, 1861-1865

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Miscellaneous Records (on microfiche)

Civil War, 1861-1865 Pamphlets

Contemporary with the war years and after, the pamphlets include sermons, personal narratives, periodicals, speeches, public letters, government reports, poetry, music, and campaign tracts. Records for individual items may be found in the online catalog. (1,758 titles, 2,000 microfiche)

Regimental Histories of the Civil War

An attempt to provide a comprehensive collection of all the monographic histories listed in C. E. Dornbusch’s Military Bibliography of the Civil War, Volumes I & II: Regimental Publications and Personal Narratives of the Civil War. (5,346 microfiche)

Slavery Pamphlets

Virtually every aspect of slavery is covered and include primary sources on American slavery, from colonial era through emancipation, as well as titles on Latin American and Caribbean slavery, and the British and French slave trades from sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries. 5,914 titles May be found by searching the online catalog. (6,720 microfiche)

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Newspapers, Civil War Era (on microfilm)

  • Kansas City Daily Journal of Commerce: Dec. 17, 1858 - June 30, 1865
  • Missouri Army Argus (Osceola, Mo.): Nov. 30, 1861
  • Border Star (Westport, Mo.): 1858-1860
  • Western Journal of Commerce (Kansas City): Oct. 17, 1857 - June 23, 1866
  • Soldier’s Letter: Aug. 8, 1864 - Jan. 9, 1865
  • Leavenworth Daily Times: June 21, 1862 - Nov. 2, 1867
  • Liberty Tribune: April 15, 1853 - April 17, 1903

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